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Sunday, 3 April 2016

A birthday and another walk finished.

Well folks we left the beautiful alpine village of Buching early this morning and started on the last leg of our journey on the King Ludwig Way and believe me it was a day that had everything, beautiful scenery, magnificent castles, terrifying mountain paths, diversions due to landslides and then the joy and ecstasy of finally making the finishing line in Fussen. The early morning walk through a succession of small sleepy hamlets culminated with us walking into a village to be confronted with mothers and children getting ready for first communion. The girls in their snow white dresses, the boys in Bavarian costume along with mothers in colourful Bavarian dresses was a colourful and unexpected sight. Not wanting to intrude in their celebrations, but feeling honoured to have seen it, we walked on towards the Pollathscanyon. The walk this morning was remarkable by its beauty with the snow covered peaks to the front and side of us and the waters of the lakes on the other. This seemed to be a perfect end, not only to the walk, but also a fitting way to celebrate Marys birthday. Blue sky, shining sun, rolling countryside, birdsong and easy walking paths. We could see the first of Ludwigs castles sitting proudly on the mountainside in front of us and knew that when we reached Schwangau our finish would be in sight. We hadn't realised that the castles, Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, were so close together and that a small tourist industry had developed in the valley between them. During this walk the predominant factor has been the silence from human noise, allowing us to really appreciate the beautiful sounds of nature, but upon arriving at the castles we were bombarded with human noise as we encountered hundreds of tourists pouring out of buses and cars. It actually felt strange and we were, at first, glad that the KLW directed us away from the crowds and towards the Alproseway that seemed to go over the mountain and into Fussen. This mountain path was the scariest journey we have ever encountered. One hour on a foot wide path with at times a sheer 500 mt drop down into the lake below and cliff rocks to the right. I can't describe how terrifying that path was but when we finally made it to the famous Lech falls we were too emotionally drained to appreciate the beauty. The saving sight of a small cafe allowed us to restore our shattered nerves with a large drink. Suitably fortified we walked along the river side and then crossed the bridge to enter the stunningly beautiful town of Fussen where multitudes of people are sitting out eating and drinking in the bright sunshine. After getting showered and now changed we are going to join them and find somewhere to celebrate a birthday and another walk finished.

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  1. That little path sounds scary but doubt I will ever see it. Don't do hills well enough to ever get to it. Buen Camino Colin