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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Cream buns for lunch

We met our Dutch friends at breakfast this morning and they were in jubilant spirits after last nights World Cup victory. After breakfast we followed the winding streets through Trevi as they wound their way around the mountain until they reached the valley. The walk was the best yet as we walked through the acres of olive trees in the early morning sunshine. This region of Italy is world famous for olive oil. The markings on this walk can be rather confusing with signs for the Via Roma and Via Francigena being in conflict. We have been following the blue and yellow of the Via Roma but after about three hours walking a yellow arrow directed us to follow a path to the left. After going through several small villages the signs stopped and all we could do was to keep on going. Unfortunately we ended up walking along a main road for about four kilometres and it wasn't until we reached the Fonti Del Clitunno we were able to get back on track and follow the road to  San Giacomo. We stopped for a break in the square in San Giacomo and unexpectedly came across an absolutely fabulous pastry shop. I must say that my fresh fruit bun and cup of coffee was a very tasty lunch. An hour and a half later we were walking into the city of Spoleto but unfortunately the thunderstorms that have been threatening got us before we could reach our hotel. The thunder roared, the forked lightening flashed across the skyline and the rain was torrential. At around 3 o clock two wet Irish walkers finally arrived at the hotel  Dei Duchi in the centre of the old city of Spoleto. Tomorrow is a mountain walk through the Umbrian National Park but for tonight I am looking forward to the football match between Italy and England.

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