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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Home for a week

It is now a week since we returned home and I thought that it would be a good time to look at what has happened during the past six or seven weeks. I cannot speak for the people we met during our journey but for Mary and I the return has been emotional, interesting and physically challenging. After such a long time away it is wonderful and indeed beautiful to spend quality time with our family. We knew that we had missed everyone, especially our grandchildren, but we didn't realise by how much. You would think that after walking five hundred miles you would return fit and strong. Our experience is that since our return we have been tired, stiff and physically sore. I keep wondering if our fellow travellers have experienced the same? I believe that the walk created its own energy and with the  adrenalin rush as the journey neared completion we were swept towards Santiago on a cloud of enthusiastic anticipation but now that we are back it is like someone sticking a pin in a balloon. Have the other members of our pilgrim family all returned home safe and sound? Has the journey made a significant change to their everyday lives? Have the positive thoughts and intentions experienced on the walk evaporated like New Year's Eve intentions or have they grown and flourished? Only time will answer these questions but hopefully the walk has had a positive effect on all of us.  Since our return the generosity of people has continued to amaze us. We are hoping to hand over the money to our charities towards the end of August.  We have had contact from several fellow travellers including Joe and Rick from America.

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  1. Hello Colin and Mary
    Great to see you are home safe and well.
    Im sure it will take a while for your body to adjust to everyday life again, it must have been a wonderful feeling to have completed all 500 miles,and to be reunited with your family again after so long.
    We are thinking about going back to walk another part of the Camino,maybe in September .have to do it in stages!!!.
    Meeting up with Colm and Rita for a walk this weekend ,Talk soon and regards to Austin and Pauline.
    Maureen and Brendan