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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

An early start

This morning we left Arca at 5.15 am and by torch light made our way towards Santiago and the end of an incredible journey. It was a strange feeling as we got closer to Santiago and our final destination. Mixed feelings of joy and sadness swept over us in waves as we realised that it would soon be over. It was going up the hill to Monte del Gozo that I came to the realisation that the Camino walk would soon end but the Camino journey would continue. When we entered the Plaza Obradoiro at 10.30 and stood to look at the Cathedral the avalanche of emotions that had been building up finally hit us. This had been my fear but at that moment the Camino took control and swept us to new heights. Within a time period of around twenty minutes almost all our Camino family arrived in to the square. To embrace the finish of a long journey with such beautiful people is a memory that I will always hold and cherish. The full spectrum of emotion was on show and without  any shame as we hugged each other and celebrated each individuals achievement. It was also a privilege to be involved with others and be part of their lives. Special mention must be given to Ruth and Jan who are so humble in their unbelievable 1000 mile walk. If I had or indeed could do what they did I would expect to be treated as Camino Royalty whereas these two ladies have encouraged and praised us lesser mortals. The generosity of the pilgrim has constantly set me back. Generosity with time, help, and with an openness and willingness to look after others physically, emotionally and spiritually. I was very touched yesterday when our very good friend Joe made a generous donation to our charities. This morning we met Catherine and Charlie who again were over generous and later Sandra quietly went to Mary with a donation. We have been been humbled by the generosity and support from home and without your help we would not have made the finish. Equally our Camino family have been the support and at times literally the crutch that got us to the finish. Tomorrow I will tell you about the Pilgrim Mass but I must go now because we are all meeting at 5.30 to celebrate. C

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