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Monday, 1 July 2013

A thoughtful day

This morning we left the most upmarket and beautiful accommodation we have stayed in to date. The meal last night was memorable not only for the food but because of the company and the ambience of the surroundings. We met up with Frank O Connor and the food, drinks and indeed conversation was both enjoyable and enlightening. When you meet people on the Camino it is like bumping into old friends and conversation comes easily. The Camino certainly breaks down any conversational barriers. We left with Frank this morning and after a few hours walk along country paths with the strong smell of eucalyptus heavy in the air we met up with more old Camino friends at our first coffee break. We took time out with Joe, Ruth and Mary and the atmosphere was very relaxed and almost holiday mode. I think because we are all so close to finishing our separate journeys we are slightly giddy with anticipation whilst at the same time dreading the finish. After a journey like this what will the future hold? We have all changed, we have all made new friends. Will the changes and the friendships all stay on the Camino or will they move forward? During today's walk I found it difficult thinking of last years walk with its motives and ambitions and comparing that with what has happened in our lives and why we are here now. Because we are a day in front of schedule we have decided to leave at 5 am tomorrow and make the big push to the finish.  Got word from Shane and will meet him in Santiago. C

It is so hard to believe that we will reach Santiago tomorrow.  It has at times been the toughest journey both physically and mentally.  During the snow, rain, hail and thunderstorms I was sorely tempted to pack it all in but knowing so many people had more faith in me than I did kept me going.  We are truly indebted to all those who have contributed to our charities and are delighted that the donations are still rolling in.  Tomorrow will be bitter sweet, but it is more about our journey, not the destination . M

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