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Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Camino isn't just about walking

Doing the Camino isn't just about walking it is also about the people you meet and the relationship and bond you make with them. We have been fortunate on our Camino to have met so many interesting and remarkable people. Last night in Triacastela was a very touching personal moment. We had met over a period of days two lovely people, Ann and Philip Hackett, from Limerick, who always shared a bit of craic. Phillip is a larger than life character who epitomises everything the Camino is about. Last night Phillip gave us a book of his personal poems to be used for the benefit of our fund. Phillip had not shared his poetry in public before but wanted to be part of our Camino and that was true bonding. One of his poems about the Camino will appear on this blog when we arrive in Santiago. Early this morning we had breakfast with Joe before we all departed for the walk to Sarria. I must say, and this is for Joes wife and daughter back in America, that he is going really well and looking fit and healthy. We left Triacastela, Joe disappeared in to the horizon, and we slowly and steadily made what now seems the customary climb out of the town. Since Mary and I had done the route to Samos last year we went over the mountain route today. Not sure that it was such a good idea. When the guide book says you have a steep climb to Alto do Riocabo then you can be sure that it is near vertical and at that early stage of the morning I am really struggling.  I must say that the views were something else and with the birdsong and the sounds from the river this was as perfect as it gets, unless like me your lungs are bursting and your legs are screaming for you to stop. We stopped for coffee at the popular cafe near Furela where we had the opportunity to meet fellow travellers including Carol from Banbridge. The rest of the walk into Sarria was hard going but uneventful. On reaching Sarria we decided to move through the town and do the extra distance to Barbadelo and therefore make tomorrows run to Portomarin shorter. Maybe not a good move, it was uphill for about an hour but on the other hand we are staying in great accommodation. Tomorrow is a big day for us, we break into the last 100 K.   C

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  1. Colin and Mary---Glad to see you're still going strong. Kaleb and I accelerated at Hospital de Orbigo, and tonight we're at Arzua. Tomorrow evening (Saturday) we walk into Santiago and will be staying in the Husa Ciudad de Compostela.

    Kaleb and I leave for Finsterre on Tuesday and return Wednesday afternoon to catch the night train to Avila on Thursday. We would love to see you both, and Austin and Pauline, for a celebratory dinner (or at least a beer). When do you plan to arrive? And how long to stay?

    Cheers, and may you walk strong these final days!

    Matt and Kaleb